Lokmat ClickStart, the digital arm of Lokmat Media Group, is India’s largest Digital Media and Content company in the Marathi language. With over 2.6 billion page views, 1.8 billion video views, 10 million social media followers and 25 million unique monthly visitors at the end of 2021, we have entered 2022 committed, even more than ever before to staying Proudly Local.

After our launch in July 2016, we have built a diverse portfolio of digital products and content distribution networks across multiple digital media platforms. We have also built a strong core of creating digital first original content in Marathi.

Through our relentless efforts across the past 6 years, we offer innovative marketing solutions to brands in the digital age. With highly engaged communities across areas of audience interest like news, entertainment, cricket, lifestyle, spirituality and social-viral space; as well as with Maharashtra’s largest and strongest community of women; and with Maharashtra’s strongest hyperlocal network, we are uniquely placed to offer brands the content and communications solutions they need to reach the right audiences, in the right places with the right message.